The Prosperous Attitude – By Beatrice Ofwona

Joy And Generosity


Our God does so much for us yet our thankfulness does not portray this favor that He bestows on us. In Deuteronomy 28:47-48 we see how important it is to serve the Lord joyously and gladly in the time of prosperity so that we may not serve our enemies in time of need and hunger. If our attitude is not that of gratefulness, thankfulness or joyousness when He blesses us, then we fail to honor Him and our attitude is therefore wrong. As Christians, we must know how to initiate and access God’s power; this begins when we live accurately and in tandem with His commandments. There are many people around us who have great blessings in their lives and which then raise their performance levels. The secret lies in the attitude that they have; they know how to thank God for His blessings. They know that the passion, with which they ask, must also be adopted when thanking the Almighty for His blessings.

Attitude is the position of the mind as well as emotions and it determines our disposition. When we wake up for instance on a Monday morning with a bad mood, then we will most probably have bad outcomes throughout the day. But we can allow God’s Word to determine our disposition. By setting our mood right, we change our life and if we are then wired to God’s Word then we bring forth fruitfulness. In John15:16 Christ says that he chose us to bear fruit that will last so that whatever we ask God in his name, we shall be given.

Failure is brought about by the bad attitude that we have and which dishonors God. Severally we are told that our attitude determines our altitude or that if we think we will fail, we already have but if we think we can than we will. Failure comes about because we do not set ourselves right in alignment with God. If we are operating in deficiency, it is because of our attitude. We should have affection for what we do and especially take great joy in what we are doing for God. There is certainly no life of fruitfulness if we see prayer as a burden, a call of God in our life as a burden or what we do as a burden. God calls us to win souls and this is not a burden either; it is a privilege. Doing things for God out of obligation does not make Him happy; we should instead seek to do whatever it is with the right attitude because that pleases Him. When giving to God becomes a burden then life remains a burden. Our not being thankful and grateful is a dishonor to God. The unsuccessful lives that we lead can be traced to our dishonor of God. If we do not know how to be grateful, we can ask Christ to show us how by asking him to ‘help us want to want to give thanks to the Almighty’.

In 2Corinthians 9:6-14 we see that God loves a cheerful giver. If we give grudgingly and sparingly, we shall also reap in that manner. Verses 10-14 bespeak of the great blessings bestowed on those that serve Him in righteousness. However, we seem to have allowed the world’s lack of reverence for giving to set our attitudes and this brings us to a place of lack. Let us give cheerfully or else what we give fails to be fruitful. Isaiah 1:19 says that if we are willing and obedient, then we shall eat the best from the land. But having obedience with the wrong attitude produces nothing. In the book of¬† 2Corinthians 8:12 Paul says that in the presence of willingness, the gift is accepted according to what one has, no what one does not have.

Therefore our attitude towards giving must be that of gratefulness, joy, honor, delightfulness and commitment. If we give our tithes and offerings yet complain all the way to the offering baskets, that is a real waste of giving. But if we give the Lord in gratitude and joy then we will call on Him and He will hear us in our times of need. Serving the Lord is a privilege and not a burden. In Malachi 2:2 the Lord sets forth a curse on those priests who do not seek to honor His name. Honoring God is by honoring His word and this is done by making His Word to be the weight in our lives; that it may be an important thing in our lives.

Sometimes we may wonder what is happening to our lives and why all of a sudden the blessings that we were enjoying have stopped flowing; it may be that we have been dishonoring God. If we therefore correct this dishonor, God will turn around and once again bless and honor us because in Jeremiah 29:11 He says that He has great plans for us, plans to prosper and not to harm us.

Every success in life can be traced to honor just as every failure in life can be traced to dishonor. The Word must work in our lives. It is not just the tithe that we give that is important, it is also the attitude with which we give it; this determines our fruitfulness. Let us do things because we love God; He looks at the heart and observes our thoughts and motives. And He always works except where there is dishonor in the heart.

May these words (sermons), from various men and women of God be a blessing to all.

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