be real man




By louis gander

Some think that they are very tough. They know a thing or two.
They draw attention from afar so all might know them too.
Some think that they are pretty tough with muscles bulging out,
flexing for their own desires that they won’t go without.

Some think that they are very tough. They think that they’re so smart,
but enslaved to things they cannot keep, raw anger rules their heart.
Some day they will sit alone – to think about their clout.
The first is last, the last is first – that’s what it’s all about:

Through the cries of hate and lies from others that are hurled,
A REAL MAN takes up his cross – the hope above this world.

Some will get so angry when – a REAL MAN loves truth.
A REAL MAN loves children – their innocence and youth.

While others aren’t responsible, a REAL MAN won’t hide.
A REAL Mans humility – overcomes all pride.

When others start to steal – a REAL MANs own shirt,
A REAL MAN will turn away. A REAL MAN must hurt.

A REAL MAN won’t start the fight. A REAL MANs not weak.
A REAL MAN must feel the whip – then turn the other cheek.

When others tear and gouge his flesh – a REAL MAN won’t sway.
REAL MEN love their enemies, and REAL MEN will pray.

A REAL MAN may bear the nails. A REAL MAN will cry.
A REAL MAN will bear his cross. A REAL MAN might die.

A REAL MAN still has his life – despite all he’s denied,
and they can’t kill THE REAL MAN – the REAL MAN inside.

2007 louis gander (10-1-07) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Mark 8: 35 “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel’s, the same shall save it.”

Copyright 2004-2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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