Diving In

By: Janene Bever 

Cobalt blue skies, marshmallow clouds, a pool of azure water beckoned as we glided our speedboat into the cove.  What could make a day more perfect, in unison, we subconsciously reflected. 

All along Lake Havasu at Black Meadow Landing are quiet, beckoning little inlets, some with beaches, some without.  If we planned to stay for the day, we would find a small patch of sand to set up day camp and dock our boat(s).  We were usually joined by friends fortunate enough to have a boat too.

That day we were simply looking for a small spot to freefall from the tall cliffs into the cool, inviting water.  Over and over we jumped in and out, climbing back up until we were exhausted.  What a fun adventure we had.

That night, after telling our story to an older, wiser couple who lived there, we learned that we had been extremely lucky (or blessed) to be still alive and not seriously injured.  We learned that at times the water in those coves is so shallow, diving or jumping would have invited disaster. 

Isn’t all of life like that?  How often do we test the depth or safety of an inviting possibility before we jump in?  Do we often consult with those who know that terrain either from experience or tested knowledge?  When we don’t, we sometimes get “lucky” and walk away unscathed.  Other, less fortunate times, we pay a very high cost with either or physical bodies, our mental anguish or our bank accounts.

“If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.”  James 1-5. (ESV)

It sure can’t hurt to pause before jumping in to ask One who is just waiting to help. 

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