We are a small church with a big heart! We enjoy a good sermon, good friends, and laughter. We  have found that people are starved for the word of God. They are lost  and do not know which direction to go. We are here to help give  direction by sharing our own experiences. Our hope is to show others  where we’ve been – through struggles, loneliness, despair and sin – and  how we were able to be saved no matter how bad our actions were in the  past. Once you gain faith God will always shine a light on your path and  you will never be lost again. He will raise you above your problems and  they will diminish. Each of our members were lost at one time, but were  led to Blackey Baptist Church through God’s Grace.

God has truly blessed Blackey Baptist Church with steady growth, a sense of family, love, encouragement and support.  We want to be a spiritual leader in our community and spread the good  news of the Gospel. We are always here to listen whether you are a  member or not. Never hesitate to contact us or visit us if you need a  friend or a home church. Please browse our website and you will find  motivation, inspiration, a sense of community and family. Keep coming  back to visit us as we grow and add more features for your enjoyment and  learning experience.

If you want to see God working come out and visit us!!