Bloom Where You’re Planted (Article)

By Frana Hamilton

—- When I became a Christian about 70 years ago, it was like I had stepped out of darkness and into sunshine. I wanted everyone to experience what I had experienced. I wanted everyone to have the new joy that was springing up in my heart. I considered myself to be something of an evangelist, telling my story to anyone who would listen. Although I still love to “tell the old, old story of Jesus and His love,” as the years have gone by, I have not found many people who have no connection to God. Instead I meet many, many whose relationship with Him is pushed into the corner, sort of buried under hurts, frustrations, disappointments, anger, indifference. When I ask, “what about God in your life?” I often hear a wistfulness and a long-hidden story of disillusionment. It seems that most people in “Christian” America,” (at least the ones I come across) have at one time or another responded to the Gospel message, and perhaps “made a decision,” but like abandoned orphans, they have not grown and flourished. They need help, nourishment (the Bread of life, the milk of the Word). They need to be coaxed
back to the communal warmth and fellowship of a group of believers.  They have somehow strayed away from the path and need some encouragement and lovingkindness. It seems that almost every day God brings someone across my way who needs some positive words, maybe a challenge and a hug. Since even a little old lady can be a mentor, a mom, a helper, a friend, I find that this is just the right ministry for me! Praise God – I can just bloom where I’m planted.

Frana Hamilton is Director of Training at a vocational school where she teaches, advises and encourages out-of-work adults who need some training and a helpful boost to get them back into the workplace.  She considers it a great privilege to have this ministry.

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