Are you in love?

All You Need is Love

artwork by CK@creationswap

By Hannah Idowu

When a man or a woman is in love its easy to tell. They can’t stop thinking about each other, they constantly exchange phone calls, love letters, gifts and the list is endless. When i met my Mr love or rather when my Mr love met me, my goodness he could call me almost 50 times in a day and when we tied the knot, the number of times he calls me in a day and vice-versa hasn’t reduced not because we don’t trust each other but we have gotten into the habit of not doing without each others company and guess what- this is exactly the same way we are supposed to fellowship with God.

God loves us so much that He yearns for a love relationship with His children. He doesn’t just want to be referred to as God, as a friend or as a confidant but He wants us to give our time to Him in fellowship, He wants us to spend quality time with Him, thinking about Him, yearning for intimacy, some alone time with Him to talk as lovers and share secrets with each other.

God does not want to play just God, He does not want you to just see Him with the eyes of a judge, God is tired of us relating with Him as though He is a magician that we only come to when we can’t handle our problems and expect Him to perform a quick trick and when the issue is resolved, we discard Him like an old furniture or an expired mobile contract.

God is simply tired of the lies we tell Him through our so called songs of worship “I surrender all”, “You are my everything”, “You are my all in all”, “I adore you”…….offering songs through your lips while your heart is far from Him fixed on something else! The part i detest most is when we are in church lifting so called holy hands to the Most High God during the 15 minute praise and worship session and i see people walking about carelessly whilst worship to the King of Kings is going on, what an insult to the Ancient of Days!

A time is coming says God “when the TRUE worshipers” – people who are madly in love with God, people who have submitted to God like a wife submits to her husband who will not approach Him because of what they want from Him but because they just enjoy being in His presence. People who have developed intimacy with God daily and don’t wait till Sundays or special programs to publicly display a show of love so others will think they are connected.

Who are you deceiving with that fake show? Some worship God to bribe Him to act on their behalf. You know you have worshiped because you are in a tight situation and it is your problems that has moved you to come into His presence and by the way, God does not come and go, you are the one coming and going out of His presence, why don’t you just remain in His presence? Gods mind is full about you, why don’t you fill and set your mind constantly on God too.

The TRUE lovers of God remain constantly in His presence 24 hours a day!


I enjoy reading motivational books and the bible hence as i am inspired i find myself either composing a song or poetry. I call them my moments of intimacy with the Most High God. I am not ashamed of God or the things of His kingdom.

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